Monday, July 11, 2011

Cushe Footwear for Me and Peter

Peter is now a freelance entrepreneur just like me. One of the perks of his gigs is that he gets to have some free stuff. The first of which were two pairs of footwear from a trusted quality brand, Cushe.

He was to get a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. Truth be told, when Peter shops, he does so far longer than I do. He scrutinizes every little detail and he makes sure that whatever he's buying must be of good quality, otherwise, he won't get it at all. So it's no surprise when he chose one of the most expensive pair of Cushe sneakers on display in their Trinoma branch last weekend.

When it was time to get a pair of sandals, I asked him if maybe I can have it since he already got tons of sandals at home. Of course he obliged. He’s sweet that way. So he chose a nice pair of brown, flowery Shasta for me. Yipee!!! I love his job! Teehee.

I haven’t worn it yet. I’m thinking, it’s gonna be perfect for our out of town trips, or even just a simple trip to the mall. When I tried them on, they feel so comfy and soft. It looks pretty sturdy and durable too no wonder they cost about Php2000 + per pair.

They have another product I liked... the Manuka Fearless. They're colorful flip-flops and the saleslady at that time said that if you get it from CashCashPinoy, you can buy a pair for only Php900. Unfortunately, the promo has already ended. I checked.

Anyway, I’d love to wear my Shasta everyday but I want to have my nails done first. Teehee. ^_^


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